Project Description

ANOH Gas Plant

LPG Safety System Review for ASSAH North Ohaji South (ANOH) Gas Plant


LPG Safety System Review


Oil & Gas

The greenfield Nigerian Gas development is aimed at supporting the domestic market targeting production for 2020. Assah North is operated by Shell petroleum Development Company and SEPLAT Petroleum Company. The development is split into upstream and mid-stream components.

The upstream component comprises of the initial phase development of 2 main reservoirs. The mid-stream gas company will buy wet Non-Associated Gas (NAG) at ANOH wellheads which will be split 50:50 by control valves through dedicated flow lines to two Gas Processing Facilities.

The scope of the Gas Processing Facilities includes choke valves, inlet manifold, separation of free liquids from incoming wet Non-Associated Gas streams, gas dew point control and export, condensate stabilisation and LPG recovery and export by road tankers.